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Lazy TS Bar Products

​​innovations with a western influence




Powered by your 12 volt DC battery (lawn tractor type; size U1; Walmart $30) ; no need to run electricity to your chute!

Single button transmitter; 150 ft range. Extra transmitter ($29).

​Ideal for Priefert and Powder River type roping chute opening mechanisms.  Virtually any manual chute can be converted with little effort.  Give me a call and I will help you make the Remote Gate-Man work for your chute!

​All components enclosed in a unique engineered powder coated steel case.

​Custom programed solid state electronics. 

​No modifications to your chute; bolt on design.

​Chute may still be opened manually as normal.
6 month warranty on all components except transmitter;
30 day money back guarantee

​$398 + Shipping (includes one remote and solar charger)
Options: 110 volt ($419)


The Remote Gate-Man

The Remote Gate-Man transforms your
manual opening roping chute to a chute
that will open with a touch of a button!

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